Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little rest

This morning, Sunday, Claire and I went over to see Grandma in Château du Loir for breakfast but they said she had slept through it and hadn't wanted to eat. She was sitting up in her chair and seemed glad to see us.

I wanted to check on her "communication" with the staff so decided to come again right at noon to see how things went for lunch. I checked out the menu that was posted for the day in her room—nothing she couldn't eat here! What do you think?

When Sarah and I got there right at noon we found out that they had decided not to let her eat breakfast or lunch since they were waiting on the results of some little tests they had run on her. You only get the right answers when you ask the right people.

Nevertheless, they told me that all being well she'd be eating again that evening so we went back to lunch with the family and Ammi & Zack and family that are still here with us.

Later on that day Ammi went over with me at six o'clock just as she was starting her dinner. They had limited her to the soup, yoghurt, and a blended peach-sauce. I had brought over a couple of slices of buttered pain d'épice which I knew she'd like and it was good that I had. She ate slowly but with a good appetite and we left her tired and dozing off for the night. Tomorrow I will see the doctor and find out everything the x-rays told him.

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