Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new chair

Well I went to the hospital this afternoon to talk to the doctor who said that Grandma has no problem beyond her transit which is very common among older folks and easily treated. He said it was the same thing in January when she was admitted then.

He gave me a prescription for us to follow every day for two weeks with a visit from a home nurse twice a week after which we the family doctor will decide whether further treatment is necessary.
After taking her down and getting her into the car with some difficulty I began to think about the advantages in getting her some kind of mobile chair. I looked on a very good site—a bit like eBay but better in the sense that you can have direct contact with the seller by phone. I found a sturdy wheelchair just 45 kilometres away, near Tours and called to see if it was still available.

Since it was (and I didn't want to lose it) I took Claire and we drove down right then and bought it. It was in good shape and cost me a lot less than a new one would have.

Grandma seemed to like it—it's sure going to make things a lot easier getting her from her room to the living room. I wheeled her out for her supper and took this picture—not a very good one, but she'd decided not to smile right then. :-)

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