Thursday, September 09, 2010

Emptying my mind


1. I think I'll show the DVD tomorrow night since it's the weekend.

2. Mlle Pommier called today; we sign the compromise Thursday morning at 10.

3. That's the day Etienne is coming for lunch and I'll talk to him in the afternoon.

4. I gave Joel a cheque this afternoon to cover all outstanding bills.  We're now up to date.

5. I went to see the manager at the CIO to tell him to expect it.  I said I was signing to sell the hotel on Thursday and he said he'd give me an authorisation to go overdrawn until then.

6. I found out from the BPO that we bought the hotel in August 2005 spread over 12 years so today we only owe around 74K on it.

7. I also found out that we'll have to pay plus value of around 24% on our gain.  We'll see -- it's complicated.

8. Six months ago I heard an ad on the radio for the opera Aida in Paris but forgot about it since the date was in October.  That date is now here : Saturday October 2.

9. I think the older ones will want to go; do you too?  It will be in the enormous outdoor stadium Stade de France and tickets start at 25€.  I haven't told Mum yet but will tonight.

10. I booked a night in Paris for Mum & me not far from the Louvre (Smartbox) for the first Sunday in November, as October was full.

11. I went over all our plans for MTC with Joel -- I need to talk to you about it; he has some ideas.

12. We also went over the whole Ludovic/drain thing and came to some conclusions.  I need to see you about this, too.

13. I faxed the order to Chèques Déjeuner but need to go to the bank and make the money transfer tomorrow.

14. If you think of it, would you get out an announcement to tous about this so we can see how they feel about it?

15. Didn't you make a mistake in the year for Maxim's contract?  Isn't it 2 years?

16. I told Joel I wanted to rend n°40 and asked him to take his sign down ("Encore un réalisation de ...") and he said he would.

17. He said Dr D (santé au travail) was looking everywhere for a local so as to get out of his trucks but to offers had fallen through.

18. He said to call him de sa part which I did but had to leave a message on his answerphone.  If he calls you'll know why.

19. I've had a busy day and am worn out.

See you in the morning,


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