Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fête du chausson aux pommes

Our washerwomen girls were such a hit last year at the annual festival in Saint Calais (remember it? -- Click here if you don't.) that they were called on to join the team again this year—the 380th!

So yesterday it was off to the grand parade with its marching bands and all the display of notable people, the bakers carrying an enormous apple turnover (four of them needed to bear it!), the medieval jugglers and assorted knights which made the whole day a wonderful break for us all that seemed to signify the end of the summer season and the start of back-to-school days.

This year we all went (including Bertrand & Fabienne and children) and Sarah joined on the stand with Rebecca, Claire, Christine, Eve, and Céline. Claire brought along her spinning wheel and she and Sarah manned it alternately. A lot of people stopped, curious, to see how it all worked.

It was all a lot of good-natured fun and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

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