Friday, September 10, 2010

Re: Conference topic

Raph, this is OK -- just word it in French to put the accent where you want it.  It will be good!  We just need to get them to come.  And the mailing needs to go out asap.

By the way, I looked at your DVD which is excellent, as I expected!  I think every adult should get one as a souvenir of our thanks.  DO we have a list?  Let's make copies ourselves and send them all to Karel to distribute.  Have you made a label yet?  It'd be the cherery on the cake.  I can help you by duping them if you want.

For Aida I think maybe we should just take a Jumper load -- I'll talk to you about it tomorrow.

Also the workplace-health people called me today (did I mention that to you yesterday?) and I explained my proposition and he said he'll call me next week.  It'd be great if we can rent that plane!

Pellerot faxed me a quote for finishing up the kitchen this morning so I approved it and sent it back.  They want just over 1000 so it'll be orth it to get it done right.

Is your headache still gone?  Hope so!

See you tomorrow,


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