Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Well, this will be the report I promised to give you of the opera in all its glory—though it was all of that. Spectacular in the extreme, wonderful and stirring! We ended up with almost front-row seats that were just perfect!

We had left here about four in the afternoon so as to leave ourselves lots of time and arrived just as seven, as planned, ready to go. The weather was perfect (21°) for this time of year and although rain had been threatening for a couple of days it held off all evening and we didn't get any precipitation until Sunday.

The sky was clear above us although our seats would have been protected had it rained. The plan apparently was to postpone the show for Sunday in the case of rain. Well, everything went well and we enjoyed it immensely!

Tons of sand, gigantic pillars, brightly-coloured costumes, mock sphinx, and hundreds of singers and dancers made the evening unforgettable! Here's a little 28-second clip Raph took during the show.

There were several huge screens around the arena, as you can see, and they made it possible to enjoy expressions and close-ups of the singers so that our binoculars weren't even necessary. Here's another little 15-second clip which gives a great overall view of the event once things had warmed up.

Finally, here's the one you've been waiting for; the climactic chorus that starts with the trumpets that just sends a chill down one's spine. The most well-known part is found at about 2:20 into this clip.

(I was having trouble uploading this clip—but I think I got it now! You really ought to watch these in full-screen mode to get the effect! Enjoy it!)

I hope this has given you a feel for the evening. Three hours of glorious music in a wonderful environment on a warm autumnal evening. All I can say it, I wish you'd been here with us—and I hope you liked this little presentation.


  1. Can you actually understand what they sing, or is it just on the clip that you can't hear it well? It looks like a gigantic event! How nice that you had a nice evening and a great show.


  2. It was a great time, Bas! No, even if you spoke fluent Italian you could barely understand a single word because of the way it's sung.

    Thankfully all the words were translated into French and displayed simultaneously at both ends of the stadium on the huge scoreboards (you can see one of them in the video).

    It was a great show and we had a great time together.