Saturday, October 16, 2010

A card

For those of you who enjoyed seeing Aunty's diplomas the other day I thought I would treat you with a small card I came across and which has been spending the past couple of days in my shirt pocket. It's about the size of what I used to call a "three by five" card but is actually 9x13 cm and is her membership card to the Inter-Hospital Nurses' Christian Fellowship.

Don't you just love the declaration of faith? Never mind all your doctrines and creeds ... what else matters but this? She became a member (says the card) on the second of July 1956 and I'm sure held that membership firm till June 18, 2008—a nice fifty-two years.

I also appreciated the prayer of Morning Watch; a very good one, I think.

All through this day, O Lord, let me touch as many lives
as possible for THEE. And every life I touch do Thou
by Thy Holy Spirit quicken, whether through the word
I speak, the prayer I breathe, or the life I live. In the
Name of Jesus. Amen.

Why should she only be granted a Life Member status?

It has been getting cold enough here at night and staying cool enough indoors even during the day to make us want to light the downstairs fire. We still haven't lit the main fire in the dining room yet but I think we'll do so this weekend. Don't we go off summer time soon?

I have changed my wardrobe today and traded all my short-sleeved white shirts for their long-sleeved counterparts. 'Tis that time of year—just thought you'd like to know.

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  1. I like this very much, Daddy. I've half a mind to adapt the idea for our little Army ... Here come my two dragons, I'll ask them what they think about it...