Thursday, October 14, 2010


I hope you're not all weary of my little discoveries because I have another one for you today.

We have found a buyer for the hotel so the whole area needs to be emptied and cleaned out of its clutter within the next few weeks. This has involved a lot more work than we need since if people know you have room we have found that they have a tendency to ask you to store it for them.

Coupled with this fact is the more obvious one: when you have the room yourself you tend to keep things rather than throw them out, where they belong. The result is that we are often finding ourselves overwhelmed with moving "junk" from one area to another.

So the other day while cleaning out the billiard room, where I had once stored all of Aunty's excess I discovered a few interesting papers that I'll record for you.

Today I have this postcard from my grandfather to my Aunt Ruth dated 15 May, 1975. The picture is a strange one; of the "Snowdon Mountain Railway" and appears to show a steam locomotive pushing a carriage uphill.

Now Snowdon, for those who may not know, is a mountain in northern Wales. My grandfather was a die-hard railway buff and may have gone just there just to see this train—or maybe simply picked up the card because of the picture.

At any rate, his message written on Thursday (15 May 1975) from Bath was, "Back in England. Windscreen wipers working all the way to Betts-y-Coed. Since then long bright periods. Dear Mr Stewart hasn't got his £15.000. Hope there are no snags at your end and that you have sorted things out with David. Sale of 108 hung up at the moment. Elf going over the mountains like a bomb. Love, Len"

A little detective work on our part shows "Betts-y-Coed" is today spelt Betws-y-Coed. It's a little town on the border of Snowdonia National Park and very near the border of England.

I seem to remember my grandfather had remnants of his first family (he married my grandmother as a widower) that lived in Wales. Apparently he was on a trip to sell a property—that he refers to simply as "108".

The reference to David doubtless refers to my father but I have no idea in what respect. Finally "Elf" was the name my aunt had given to her little car which was a Morris Minor Riley Elf. She loved it!


  1. That's interesting, Daddy !

    A very funny little thing that Dragon and I noticed just now is that Leonard had THE SAME handwriting as you have, and as Uncle Bryan has ... ! I really wonder how it comes about that some people enjoy writing all in capitals. I guess it comes through the blood-line--but then, Len was only your grandpa-in-law...


  2. 'Tis strange, to be sure!



  3. Again...thanks for posting. I believe Dad always printed in capitals, too, didn't he?

  4. Grandad had an "Elf" too - they both had one - good thing they were small cars to fit in their tiny driveway.