Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Great Ladybird Reading Contest

A month ago Claire had the most novel idea. Having been recently enamored with some books in the Ladybird series her idea was to share the joy: let's see who who can read the most Ladybird books in the space of one month!

The contest, duly announced the first week of September, was to start on the tenth of the month and finish on the morning of the tenth of October ... 2010 — 10/10/10 :-)

Well, a month sounds like a long time but we have literally hundreds (we once tried to get the complete series) and there is something for everyone. Most of us started off with a bang but soon slowed down. Christine was particularly diligent as was Claire herself, of course. I made an honest stab at it but knew I was lost when I saw the books on 'Tine's list—but I had a lot of fun in the process.

It is truly amazing how fascinating most of those books are and how they can still capture your time and interest. I particularly liked the historical series and nature and science. I challenge anyone of moderate intelligence to pick one up and only read 2 or 3 pages!

So we've just now past the fatal date of accountability when the lists will be tallied and the winner announced. Turns out I was designated the judge and jury and prize-giver!

At exactly ten past ten (10:10) of the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year (sort of!) Claire took the school bell and ran through the house upstairs and down to herald the deadline had passed and everyone was to stop!

Well, you must be wondering who won the contest, for it was a contest, remember?

Well the winner was: CHRISTINE!!! with 34 books. Claire was next with 30 (one a day!) so I think I'm going to honour those two girls. Now what would be an apt prize? A new book? :-) We'll see ...

So what has she spent this last month reading? For those of you who might be interested, here is Christine's winning list of books:

- Night Animals
- Tadpoles and Frogs
- Jack and the Beanstalk
-British Birds & Their Nests
- Some Great Men & Women
- Ducks and Swans
- Lions and Tigers
- Soldiers
- The Tree and Its World
- Coffee
- Teeth
- Roads
- Living Things
- Water
- Man in the Air
- Deserts
- Around the World in Eighty Days
- Leaves
- Joseph
- Joan of Arc
- Hansel and Gretel
- Cinderella
- Thumbelina
- Adventure on the Island
- The Nurse
- The Farmer
- Moses, Prince and Shepherd
- Flight Six: The Holy Land
- Ships
- Sleeping Beauty
- The Airmen of the RAF
- A First "Do You Know" Book
- The Lord's Prayer
- The Fisherman

Just reading over the list makes me so thankful for such intelligent work done fifty and sixty years ago by people who wanted their children to grow up interested in the world around them and intelligent.

A wonderful idea! A great time was had by all ... now I have to think up a suitable prize! Stay tuned!

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