Saturday, October 09, 2010

Harvest time

It seems that every spare moment these days is spent in reaping and then processing the bountiful harvest the Lord has given us. Kevin is the master-worker that is transforming the garden this year into the most productive it's ever been and we're thankful for his work.

Green beans, onions, garlic, pumpkins, squash, courgette, and cucumber gave way to buckets of plump tomatoes—almost more than we knew what to do with. Last week we all picked grapes for our wine and this weekend we went to the orchard to get the apples—for the table, apple-sauce, and cider— and pears, chestnuts, and walnuts.

It is a simple, but lovely, way to live and the children all love it. Here are a couple of pictures Raph (our resident photographer) took over the past few days.

Aunty Clacla with "Salah" (A name believed to be of oriental origin)

Picking up chestnuts


Amos checks the apples

Peeling onions (in the summer kitchen)

Olly and David helping in the cellar with last year's wine

Curtain of grapes hung up to dry

Blanching green beans

Meanwhile Grandma tucks into some fresh buffalo lasagne while little Amos ("Squonk" to those who know him best) looks mischievously on.

Grandma with Squonk

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