Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NOT found in my office

The avid follower of these posts, upon seeing the next picture of some old document, will naturally assume it suddenly appeared in Ali Baba's mystery cave (aka my office) but, logical though their assumption would be, they would be mistaken this time.

While going to the workshop to get some nails this morning my eye caught hold of this and I did a double take:

In case you can't read it, the yellowed little brochure reads,

FALL 1957
This report is sent to successful candidates and mission
secretaries only, and should be considered confidential.

Well, of course I realized it was something connected with Aunty but was surprised at its just appearing like that out of nowhere (I'm not making this up!) and found it an interesting artifact that I thought some of you might enjoy seeing.

(I am guessing that fifty-seven years in hiding has effectively removed the shroud of confidentiality that clothed this document and that I can open the thing without fear of reprisals.)

After several pages of examiner's notes and general remarks concerning the level of student work throughout the year we finally get to the grist of the matter: the tables of student marks by subject.

And there, right at the bottom of the first table (Urdu I), we see a certain Miss Ruth Neve who passed with fairly decent marks (338/500 total in Oral subjects and 195/300 total for Written work).

This makes a Grand Total of 533/800 and in case the significance of that number is not immediately apparent they kindly convert this unwieldy score to a percentage: 67%)

All I can say now is: Well done, Aunty!

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  1. How funny ! Especially, I imagine, for those who are not acquainted with the very long and mysterious history of our back-rooms and workshops in general.

    And how interesting it is to see Aunty's grades in Urdu--of all things ! If I could spare the time or find any utility at all for myself in it, I am sure I would be very interested I am sure in studying that language !