Friday, October 15, 2010

Some history archives

Just for those who will find this post interesting, here are a few diplomas I have just discovered in the billiard room. Davie was using a small old tube as a sort of bazooka (thinking it was as empty as it looked) pointed it at someone and swung with a downward motion. Sixty-year-old curled-up diplomas rolled out onto the ground!)

When someone brought them to me I carefully laid them aside for inclusion here. If you're one of the several who know Aunty you may want to download these for your own inspection. I have, for this reason, done a high-resolution scan for you at 200 dpi (my normal is 100).

Here they are, the oldest first. All together they tell the story of a loving missionary-nurse. Here is her life and career simply told with several diplomas. Enjoy!

1. Her school certificate at 17 years old.

2. The backside of that diploma shows what subjects she studied.

3. Her typing training.
4. Next comes medical training, March 1942.

5. Nursing training, December 1946.

6. Preparation for Midwifery, August 1947.

7. A registered midwife, June 1948.

8. Post-graduate course in Operating Theatre Techniques, June 1954.

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  1. I note with pleasure what nice handwriting there is on the first and third of these scans. Why don't people always write that nicely (myself included) !

  2. Thanks for scanning these, Derrick. I have copied them all for our family history file...