Friday, November 12, 2010

The Louvre and England

We had only been back from the Netherlands for a week when it was time to be off again!  Sarah and I had planned a day at the Louvre a long time ago around the once-a-month free day (first Sunday of every month).  I couldn't decide what to expect: crowds due to free admission or the place to ourselves due to the season.

Nine o'clock opening?  No problem, we're ready!
Well, we were there standing in line a half an hour before opening time (nine o'clock) and we were glad we were because there was already quite a queue!  It's a good thing the Louvre is huge because people just kept coming until by noon there were thousands.  A little later we decided to pause for lunch after already a great morning seeing over some of the sights (we started out by touring the personal apartments of Napoleon III and went on from there).

Since we had planned to go over to England for a couple of days afterwards, at the last minute we had decided to bring both Claire and Olivier to give them a little educational break!  They enjoyed it a great deal and were so excited with everything.
We laughed so hard at this!  (You had to be there to appreciate it!)

It's always funny the things that children appreciate, when you take them on a trip!

Anyway, on the way up to Cheltenham we did a little detour by Salisbury plain to show the kids what they heard and read about before: Stonehenge.  We didn't bother with the official guided visit (£££) but made the trip around the area and found a spot where they could get out for a picture, then another road that brought us right up close, within metres of the monument, where we paused again for a quick look at the site.

Next it was up to Cheltenham where we spent a lovely relaxed time with Rosemary, and Peggy & Tony who took us out to a few of the local sites, like the quaint Bourton-on-the-water where, besides lots of interesting things to see and do, there is a complete model of the village itself (at 1:9 scale) which dates from 1937.

Olivier had to be there to give you an idea of the scale.
Of course, one of the first things we wanted to do was find the model of the model village   Well, we found it but the model of the model of the model village had been taken out that week for cleaning and maintenance!  Here's a shot for you...



  1. How cute that miniature town is !
    And, my, you can really tell Olly was having fun by all the funny faces he is making ! :-)

  2. How interesting! I agree, I would have loved to have seen the miniature town! I remember the last time I saw Stonehenge, there was no fence around sad that there is now. Such is our society, I guess.