Friday, December 10, 2010

Three old photos

Last week Sarah took down a small three-photo frame containing old family photos that has been sitting on the mantelpiece for some time.  Thinking it was time to change them she slid them out only to find three older photos underneath.

Here they are:

Your questions are:

1. Where were these photos taken?
2. What is the year?
3. Were they once all three part of the same, bigger photo?
4. What is Bryan laughing at?
5. What are Wendy and I looking at?
6. Give me the name of the cameraman.

And the bonus question is number 7.  Name the cat.



  1. I know the answer to the first question (approximatively), and might guess at the fifth...

  2. These are really nice photos ; the one of Aunty Wendy is so pretty !


  3. I'm behind in some posts here - I'll tackle this one first!

    1) by the river in Aklavik - not far from the Bay, I believe

    2) Fall 1964 or Spring 1965

    3) No, I believe they were separate photos as we are all sitting in the exact same spot.

    4) Who knows? Dad said something funny?

    5) Mum, maybe?

    6) DAD!

    7) Score! Boots.

    thanks for the memories!

  4. Very good, Wendy! (I never would have got the cat!)