Sunday, January 02, 2011

My two cents...

Well this one is Christopher's fault.

Last week he was very kindly cleaning out the family's C3.  It needed a good cleaning so he had it out on the parking lot and was taking the vacuum cleaner to it.

Later on in the day I was told he had found two coins under one of the seats.  English coins.  A hundred years old.

They are both English pennies, huge and heavy copper pieces (about 30mm across!) with Britannia seated on one side and the reigning monarch on the other; in this case Edward VII and George V for the two coins dated 1910 and 1917 respectively.

We go up to England fairly regularly and I've got a whole purse of English change and another envelope of pre-decimalisation coins dating back to the fifties and sixties.  But 1910?!

Don't ask.  I'm starting to believe in "our ghost" of this house (Wendy's solution)!

Come to our blog and enjoy the past.


  1. THIS is crazy. Really, Derrick, 100-year-old coins just "turning up"?? They may be worth something - keep them. Looks like someone wanted to put their "two cents" worth into your life...

    ha ha... Can Christopher come and vacuum MY car?

  2. Not sure I could do much, Wendy ! These are actually - I'm pretty sure - some old coins that Olly or Davie got ripped off into by an old antiquaire, or something like that. I remember them telling me something about the origins of these coins - You know who to ask now, Dad :-)