Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter holiday

All week Christine, David, and Suzanne have been talking about their big coming holiday—to the Canary Islands!

Raph found a great deal, all-inclusive, at a beautiful hotel on the island of Feutevendura, part of the Canary Islands archipeligo and the children have been talking of nothing else for days!

Tomorrow I plan to drive them to Le Mans for the children's first-ever ride on the TGV which will take them to Massy (Paris) where they'll take a shuttle to the Orly airport.  Since their flight leaves so early Sunday morning they plan to overnight tomorrow night in a hotel right at the airport.

Of course the children have only seen aeroplanes in pictures before so this trip will make a lot of "firsts" for them.

If Raph sends along any photos, I'll post them here for you to follow along as if they were sending some picture postcards.

See you soon!

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  1. How exciting! It looks like I am already behind in looking at the photos!!