Saturday, January 08, 2011

Your help is requested

Hello everyone, here's another little brain-teaser for you! First the background.

Stuff that has been laying in storage for over two years is finally getting cleaned out.  Our stuff, Aunty's stuff, Sheila's stuff, Boulay's stuff, Michel's friend's stuff ... you get the picture.

When you have a big house, everyone wants you to keep some junk for them—just for awhile.  It gets so that one never really remembers where a lot of these things actually came from!

Still, that's not the problem today.  I know very well where this came from: a very old suitcase once belonging to Aunty.  The thing is very old and plastered with name tags and so on such that it always got "saved" from the junk pile.

The other day, having decided it would have to go (the metal clips and hinges are rusted) I thought I'd take a quick check inside first.  Mixed up with old clothes and papers I came across a couple of dozen old letters, all addressed to my Aunt while she was on furlough in England in the sixties.

I'll get to the content of those letters later.  All were written by my parents from Yellowknife or Edmonton and a couple by my Grandfather while on holiday in Canada.  They give a very interesting point-of-view to their reaction to events of the day.  But we'll do that later.  (This is all background, remember?)

Amidst these letters I found a small envelope almost 9 x 12 centimetres.  Inside it were three small (almost 6x9 cm) black & white photographs without any writing on the back.  I don't recognize anybody in the photos.  I cannot make out what the people are doing.  I can't imagine why my aunt paid for reprints of this pictures.

Can you?  Come on, family and friends, make an effort.  Put you best detective skills and try to deduce something from what you see below.  First of all, here is the envelope back and front.  Know the photographer?  Know the town?

Next are the three pictures (looks like there should have been five of them), scanned at 600 dpi so you can get a good look at them, if you wish.  I'll be waiting for your comments below!

Now, here they are.  I'll give them numbers to help you identify them.  This first one I'll call Picture 1.

And this one I'll call Picture 2.

And this was the last one I took out of the envelope, Picture 3.

Additional question for you: what should I do with them now? :-)

Thank you!


  1. OK, let met try ... :-)

    My first thought on looking at pictures 1 and 3 was that the lady and the little boy look a bit like Neves. I may be totally wrong though--fair enough.

    I'd guess the lady (pictures 1 and 3) was a missionary friend of Aunty's in India, moving in
    to a new house of some sort there.

    Picture n°3 I find very intriguing. Might the man be a Dalai Llama or some associate of his ? Some of the women in the background look like either nurses or nuns to me. I guess this photo must have been taken in India, judging by the lady on the right.

    What should be done with them ? Maybe keep them for somebody who might want to write a life story of Aunty Ruth or of some enterprise she was connected with. Even if that's not right away, it surely will happen !

    I'm anxious to hear other comments !

  2. Very good start, Bup! I also thought the man central to Picture 2 looked like the Dalai Lama but then ... I don't know if Aunty ever met him!

    I wonder who the "missionary" lady is?

  3. Ok, I have no idea on who any of those people are...but like the two of you, when I first saw the second picture I too, thought it looked like the Dalai Lama....

    But as for the other ones, I am not sure at all...

    Sorry, don't know if I was a help at all :)

  4. I agree with Becky. The lady and boy in #1 and #3 are the same and I would think it was a missionary friend as well... I don't think they are Neves. Sorry, I can't tell you what to do with them - I have a box full of Mum's that I'm keeping for the same reason!

    I would, of course, be very excited to receive copies of the letters from Mum and Dad and Grandad!!