Monday, February 28, 2011

Cuthbert William Neve

This is the last (I'd hate to bore you too much) in this series of old family photos recently discovered amid boxes and trunks belonging to my late aunt.

This man, my grandfather, was born the 3rd of November, 1888 in Maidenhead, Berkshire died in a little place called Hedge End, near Southampton in England on the 6th of December, 1943.  His death quite naturally cut my father's war efforts off short as he was allowed leave to go home at this time.

Until his death he ran a drapery shop in Hedge End, near Southamton, England.  My father took over this shop in an effort to help my grandmother run it profitably but never really took to it and it wasn't long before the shop (below) was up for sale.  This photo was taken some years before this time though for it is my father who stands in the doorway of his father's shop.

I understand the house still stands, though it is no longer a shop.  My aunt has written on the back of my final shot for you today the following, Interior of shop at Hedge End.  Dad seen in mirror taking photo.  By "Dad" we are to understand, of course, Cuthbert, her father, and my grandfather.

Just my little trip down memory lane.  Your comments are welcome; we'll get serious tomorrow!


  1. Don't make this the last, Daddy ! It's interesting to find out about these things (and, no, I didn't know this before !) and at least here they will be preserved for posterity...

  2. I agree with Rebecca, you are never going to bore me with these photos! I don't believe I have ever seen either of the last two before. I've, of course, seen ones of the shop but don't recall one with Dad in the doorway. And I know I've never seen the inside shot. Wonderful! I'll be "right-clicking" all of these!

  3. What did they sell in the shop, Daddy, anyway ?

  4. What do "drapery stores" usually sell, my dear?

    Drapery, linen, curtains, cloth ...