Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Raph is off today for a couple days in Germany -- to see the parent company of one of our biggest customers here.  They can't stop making new acquisitions and the net result for us is, more work.

(Already last year we had to hire two more developers and this year we're hiring again; next week one more boy from Le Mans and right after, another programmer.  Lord help us not to grow too fast!)

Yesterday Raph wrote us this and Becky thought it might be interesting enough to share with all of you.

"This is where I'll be off to tomorrow : Ludwigshafen, birthplace of Helmut Kohl and site to the world's biggest chemical plant (BASF, with a plant spreading over 10 km² and employing 35.000 people !).  The company I'm visiting is also a big chemical industry : BK Giulini (Anti-Germ's mother company).  Read all about it and more here :"

Happy reading!

Here's a shot from him on the way...

Paris, Gare de l'Est

 Left: the TGV, Right: the ICE that will take him to Mannheim, Germany

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  1. Wow...pretty impressive! Good for you and your company, Derrick. I love the painting in the train station - do you know what it is called? I suppose I could Google it and someone would know...