Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mail trays now available!

I have had installed, on your left at the top of the last few stairs going to the offices (just past the broom cupboard) six clear plastic vertical trays for the reception of family mail.

For too long family mail has gathered behind Becky's desk in what was  affectionately known as the "family tray" though, in practice, mail was simply left there to rot until it was outdated enough to justify throwing it into the bin.

That epoch is all over!  Rejoice with your new acquisition!

These trays are now marked:

"R&C" (short for Raph and Camille)

"D&S" (short for Dad and Mum)

"J&D" (short for Roo and Bah's mother)

"NEWS" (short for nothing at all, but will serve to hold family newsletters, Peter Hoovers, and such like)

"C&C" (short for Kripper and Klow)

And the sixth tray has been left intentionally blank; it will be marked at such a moment as inspiration decides.

So you are all now encouraged to "check your mail" by yourself, without having to push that heavy door open and without having to come into the office area and without even having to turn on your computer.  Checking one's mail has now taken on a brand new (old-fashioned) meaning!

Have fun, but leave others' mail alone.


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