Sunday, February 20, 2011

Number eight

Just a little note, for those of you who may be interested, that Roo noticed we'd got our eighth little lamb of the season this morning!

Still no up-to-date photos but, after all, don't all lambs look alike?

Today we heard details of Eva's coming visit which provided great joy to all: she's bought her ticket to get to Le Mans on Thursday, the third of March.  Right in the middle of her visit (which is planned for March 3-14) we've also heard that Bas is coming on down for a week!

We haven't seen him for a little while and we're all looking forward to that, too!

Books: as I sometimes do, I want to introduce you to a fascinating book I finished reading last month and passed on to Raph.  Now he's finished it and it's in Claire's queue of to-reads.

It is a reprint of a 1927 publication that raised a lot of interest in its day and was reprinted several times in the thirties and forties before fading out.

The author, John Dunne (read about him here, if you care to) was an early aeronautical engineer and aircraft designer who became very interested in, amongst other things, our concept of time.

He developed his theories through painstaking experiments with himself and others in the realm of dreams and concluded surprising things in the realm of time, dreams, prophecy, and the existence of a soul!

A good read, if you are that way inclined.

I have since acquired his other major work (much harder to get hold of nowadays, though) where he outlines the basis of his theory, which he calls serialism.  This book (which I'm just starting today) is called The Serial Universe and this is what it looks like.

If anyone reading this has already delved into this author, I'd appreciate hearing your reactions to his ideas.

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