Friday, February 25, 2011

Painting, work, and Roo's saucisson

Wendy's comment yesterday concerning the painting in the Gare de l'Est sparked my interest and I thought I'd try to find out something about it.

Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be (nothing in Wikipedia) but I was finally rewarded with this paragraph found on a site by one Phil Beard (who did an article last year on this station).  He says,

"Gare de l’Est is the only Parisian station to display a painting, a large mural sized work donated by the artist, Albert Herter (1871-1950) entitled Le Départ des poilus, août 1914.  Herter was an American artist, resident in Paris who presented the painting in memory of his own son, a casualty of war.  The painting serves as a solemn reminder of the shock-waves of armed conflict."

So there you have it.  Never having heard of Albert Herter before I was glad to see he has a place in Wikipedia as well as several paintings prominently placed around the world.

We had an Asian boy from Le Mans coming to see us about work today.  Raph and Pascal have already met him and like him a lot so my visit will merely be a formality—albeit a necessary one. :-)

If all goes as planned he will increase our workforce to a total of twelve and will help justify the new offices that are being created in the formerly open area near the entrance to the building.

We decided last year to clean it out and build two new offices and a bigger meeting room, the old one being transformed into a new office for Pascal.  I should take a photo to show you the improvements one day; it's a lot of work!

This afternoon Roo, who takes Fridays off nowadays to tend his garden brought over a saucisson sec that he has successfully made from his pig last month (I did tell you about that, didn't I?)

He was justifiably proud of it as he passed it around for tasting and surprised himself at how "easy" it was to make!

Here, have a slice ...

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  1. Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass as I am not a "sausage" person. Floyd, however, would LOVE it!

    Well, you did better than me on the painting! I hunted and hunted and found other paintings OF the station but no information about the one IN the station.