Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Phunny photo!

Well, gather round, kiddies, it's time to test your perception and recognition skills in a public forum.

You've all seen the large picture books for children called Where's Waldo haven't you? Here's one that I'll call Where's Rutho.

I promised (threatened?) yesterday I might have some more old scans for you.  Well, everyone can take part in this one—of course it may be slightly easier for those who knew my Aunty Ruth. :-)

This picture, which I've helpfully scanned at a higher resolution for you, has only the following inscription of the back:

"Keswick 1951.  Ruth in the crowd."

If you click on the picture it should open in a new window at a much higher resolution that will make your search so much easier—I don't think!  But I found her; you can, too!

Apart from our beloved Ruth, does anyone recognize anyone else who was there at that convention?


  1. I can't find her ... :-( I have varying suspicions, but certainly nothing definite.

  2. Whew... That was a tough one - what a sea of faces! I believe I have found her but it look me inch by inch with magnified view. For the life of me, though, I can't recognize anyone else. But I'm not through looking....

  3. You folks aren't going to get off so lightly! Come on, where is she? I'll give you a couple more days before telling you!

  4. I didn't think you wanted me to post it on here, that's why I didn't say where she was - ha ha. Well, you moderate the comments, so it's up to you if you want to post it: Let's see, how can I describe it....

    On the left side, go up 6 heads, starting with the child and ending on the partial forehead of a lady (before the man). Then go to your right three heads and, taa daa...there she is! The funny thing is that I found her (presuming I am right) because she looks a lot like you, Dek. Agree?

    Who on earth else did you see in there that you recognized? Don't tell me where, just give me a name.