Friday, February 18, 2011


The past week we have been mercilessly getting rid of our junk storage that has taken over fifty square metres of our room over the years.

The last time we used any of this stuff was during our open house display six or seven years ago when we had a whole row of old computers fired up for inspection.  With the very first Macintosh Apple and IBM's going back to the early 80s we had enough to construct our own musée de l'informatique but never got around to it.

Now we need to space to build a four new offices and everything has got to go.

Raph was feeling a little sad as he said goodbye to some of his earlier equipment.  We got a skip delivered and started to fill it up.  Here's a shot he took as the skip started to fill!


  1. It does seem sad... Maybe we could make a "musée de l'informatique"... The skip isn't actually gone yet, is it ?

  2. I'm sure there are people you could make happy with those early computers. Do they still work?

  3. Mostly not, unfortunately, although we had managed to get some of them running a few years ago for a little openhouse...