Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bottling party

Last night we had a "bottling party" with Raph directly operations and me making pizzas as fast as I could, cutting them up and bringing them down to the chais.  In the end we got 286 bottles of cider taken care of and 200 litres of red wine decanted into ten-litre bag-in-boxes!

As I joke, that should see us through the month!

Today the four young people you see above decided they wanted to have a good visit of Le Mans.  For a couple of weeks Claire has been reading up on all the tourist sites so they could maximize their time there.

They decided to go up by train and ride the tramway all day to get around.  They took a picnic with them and planned on going swimming at the end of the afternoon before getting the train back.  The boys have phones but we've heard nothing all day—no news is good news!

Yesterday afternoon poor Olly was upstairs in the apartment when he dropped a large heavy utility battery on his bare foot, doing a lot of damage to his big toe and causing him a great deal of pain.

Sarah took him over to the local hospital where they said they had to remove his toenail (which I think was already effectively removed by Olly) before sewing him up.  It was quite a traumatic event for all concerned as these things always are.

A house rule is to never walk around bare-foot.  I'd told him that morning to take the battery to the workshop but he loved playing with it so much.  I felt so bad for him but there was nothing anyone could do—he had to bear his own consequences.  Poor little guy, he's so enthusiastic about his hair-brained projects!

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