Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I want to write and tell you about carnival this year because it was quite funny.  But first I want to reassure all of you that are looking in that crazy photo I posted a few days ago.

Do you think it was a "photoshopped" montage?  Sometimes when I look at it I am convinced, because something seems wrong with it.  Then other times I'm not so sure.

Anyway, Wendy got it quite quickly—I think perseverance pays off!  She got it right and gets the grand prize once I think of one; Becky gave up too easily, I reckon.  You misunderstood, though, Wendy: I didn't see anyone else I knew in that picture—I just wanted to know if you had. :-)

I couldn't see how I could describe her position by counting heads (like Wendy did) so I prepared this, which is as clear as I can make it for you:

So anyway, that was just for fun.  Now, on to other things.

Last week was (of course) carnival at school and Olivier and David wanted to dress up as something just as violent and war-warmongering as they could dream up but in the end settled for a crusader of sorts—complete with battle-axe.

Christine, on the other hand and true to form, dressed up as the cutest little thing.  Don't you think?

Finally, do you remember that time I found all those old furs that no one knew their origin (if not, the post was here)?  Well, Sarah dreamed up an idea for little Susanne who wanted to be an Indian princess; she sewed the furs into decorations to her coat and a sling for her baby papoose!  Here she is showing off her little baby:

And finally, a shot of the three of them while Olly was probably gone to sharpen his blade!


  1. Thanks for confirming that my entry was correct. Once I found her I couldn't lose her again - ha ha. Well, you did fool me about the other person and I must say that I spent quite a bit of time seeing if I could recognize anyone else that was there (I couldn't).

    The children look so sweet in their costumes and I had to laugh about the "violent and war-mongering" costumes for the boys. Little Kellen would get on so well with them! While the girls all play their gentle "mothering" games, he's off stomping around trying to see what he can come up with to conquer (or break)!

  2. Oh dear, I couldn't have found Aunty Ruth anyway, I think, even if I had been a little more perseverant, as you say Daddy. :-) Even now I know where she is don't recognize her very well--I guess I haven't seen enough photos of her when she was young.

    The little ones are too cute. By the way, the nice shied David is holding was made especially for him, from scratch, by Olly : sawed the wood, nailed it all together, painted and all. Congratulations, Low !