Wednesday, March 23, 2011

David Cuthbert Neve

Don't ask me why; it's because I can and I want to and because I feel sure there are others who will enjoy these photos.

Today I went through a few more of the boxes of old photos that I've been enjoying so much lately and thought I'd present them to you; two old photographs of my father.

The first one from his youth (at about the age of 15) and the other just a few years later, during the war—when he was only nineteen or twenty.

On the back of this one Aunty has written "Garden at Hedge End, Summer 1937, With Fido"

During the war


  1. Sorry to say, I can't tell which of the two young men on the last photo is Grandpa...

  2. Really, Becky? Even with the first photo to help you? (hint - he wasn't dark-haired ;-)

    Thanks so much for posting, Derrick. I'm not sure I have ever seen the second one... Can you send me a scan of both of these? or should I just take them from here?