Saturday, March 26, 2011

Got it!

Rebecca has been trying (and hoping) for some time now to earn her driver's licence –in vain.  She's passed the written highway code test without a problem but that was now a long time ago and she's been having so much trouble (she 'missed' the driving test twice now) that she was starting to get discouraged.

Yesterday she went on the test once more – and came back sure she'd failed again.  Well, when I saw the official-looking envelope from the driver training school this morning I realized it must have news for us.

She got it!  Rejoice with us. :-)

The letter and the Learner sticker (A for apprenti) for the back of the car.

Before the noon meal (which we all eat together) we decided it was time to break out that bottle of Champagne we'd been keeping in the fridge since Christmas for just such an occasion.  It was good!

'Tine, so proud of her aunt!