Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Anglophones en France?

When we decided to make France our home some thirty-four years ago (my old carte de séjour lists my first entry into France as janvier 1977—a long time ago!) we were not trying to start a trend; it just seemed to me the best place to raise a family the way we wanted while preserving a high standard of living that we'd been brought up to be used to.

Over the past ten years or so we've heard a lot of people speak of the influx of "English" people (that word is in quotes because if you're a white foreigner and speak English, you are English—no matter where you came from!) but have seldom run into many.  They, like us, tend to melt into the crowd and keep their origins tucked into their back pocket.

But lately this influx has started to be far more prominent to the point where you could almost classify it as a migration.

A few years ago a notary in Château-du-Loir, commenting on just how many English-speaking people are moving to the area and buying houses here told me, as way of illustration, that he'd had nine purchases by English people that very week!

I could scarcely believe it, Château being a fairly small town (population, four thousand, last census) right in the middle of nowhere!  Then we started to bump into English families in the supermarkets and downtown and we knew it must be true.

If I were to start a blog today, I don't think I would put "Anglophones en France" as a byline, as I did years ago.  At the time it seemed somehow different.  Now it doesn't.

Last week I found out that the country has a BBC-World-Service-type of television news channel that was started in 2007 called France24 and it broadcasts in English!

Last year I subscribed to an on-line newspaper called French News Online and enjoy it a lot.  The blurb on their home page says,

French News Online is a newspaper with a totally different approach to its readers – the industry pundits tell us print media is dying so we choose to serve the hundreds of thousands of English-speaking residents in and visitors to France, with a useful news resource on modern electronic platforms.

In today’s 24-hour global, digital environment our view is that real value lies in delivering our paper to you in the same way as more and more TV does, using 21st century technology.  France has rolled out broadband very widely and leads Europe in high speed take-up, so welcome to France and to digital, interactive French news delivered on-line by mobile, Ipod, Kindle Reader and the web among others…

Digital French News Online caters for all foreign residents in and visitors to France, students of the English language and readers with a hankering for things French.  We open this door through the medium of English because globally it is so widely used.

We seek out and publish the news, views, fame, fortune, fun and foibles of France and offer this in an interactive fashion to readers.

Your opinions and contributions are most welcome – email us or use the handy forms to send pictures, articles and letters for publication. Comment on all the material published in our Newsroom and on our blog.

I suggest you take a look at them: who knows,  you might like it!


  1. Very interesting! I heard a statistic awhile ago that was frightening for our children and grandchildren. This person was talking about the reproduction rate of different races/nationalities. He talked specifically of the States and France. He said that the average U.S./French family is having 1.5 children and the average Muslim family is having 8+. As a result, within two generations, both countries will be Muslim by sheer population alone. Scary and sad. We have become so self-centered, not wanting children to "clutter" our lives and drain our finances, to the point where we will be wiped out as a race. In our own countries! That's why I applaud you and Sarah's choice of having all the blessings you have, and Tanya and Tom as well!

    Oh, Lord Jesus, come quickly...

  2. I don't know how recent your stats are but I just heard last week that France is now at 2.1 -- still too little but at least heading in the right direction.

    Maybe our family helped bring the average UP! :-)