Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If you'd asked me even last week to locate the site of this battle I would have put it in Germany somewhere.  But no, not really—at least, not nearly accurate enough!

The Battle of Austerlitz (1805, Napoleon's greatest victory) is near the town of Slavkov u Brna in the Czech Republic.  Now you can guess why we're talking about it today, can't you?

Our intrepid adventurers have just send us back a couple of pictures showing a memorial of some kind at the site.

The only comment I have concerning this monument is the inscription, which Raph tells us reads:

"Pardonnez-leur, Ô Dieu de Miséricorde !  Seigneur Jésus, plein de bonté, donnez-leur le repos éternel!"

Slavkov - Austerlitz


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