Friday, April 22, 2011

Off to the Czech Republic

Well, the long awaited return visit to our friends in the Czech Republic has finally come!  Up at dawn and off by ... eight-thirty ... were Raphael & Camille, Rebecca, Christopher, Christine, David, Susanne, and Amos.

The plan was to drive to Roissy, park the Jumper, fly to Prague, then take a local flight south to the town where Karel is waiting for them all!

As usual, we only had to wait an hour or so before Raph started sending in photos of their progress.  I pass them on to those of you who (I know!) are following this news.

So far, so good! (At Charles de Gaulle)

Ready for departure

Boarding the plane

Next photo will be from Prague

Then, a little while later ...

Made it off the plane alive

God bless and keep them all!

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