Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An old newsletter

While cleaning up my affairs (including my hard drive) I ran across this old end-of-year newsletter written by Sarah at the end of 1997.

I thought you might find it interesting now, thirteen years later.  How times change us!

December, 1997

Dear Family and Friends,

  Just a few lines to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a full and prosperous New Year 1998 and to keep you up on the news of our family this past year!  We hope you're all well and we look forward to hearing from all our loved ones from all around the world.
  As for an update of this year's happenings I'll start out by saying that all the children have grown and advanced in every way and are continuing to make Mummy and Daddy happy and proud of them.
  Claire became one year old in October and was able to walk across the room on her own little feet to mark the occasion.  Mummy rewarded her by putting little bells on her shoes and she jingles around the house in her happy exploration of her cosy little world.
  Christopher became 3 in August.  Through contact with his little friends he's become bilingual it seems over night and it's really cute to hear him chattering away while they're playing together.
  Becky has been attending kindergarten part-time at a Catholic School in a local village and we're very happy with the caring, community environment we find there.
  Jonathan is in his last year at the junior high-school nearby and is continuing to excel in his studies.  He seems to have a particular knack for languages and leads the class in German, Latin, French and English.
  Elisabeth is now taking the train every day 25 kilometers away to her high-school "Lycée Descartes".  She's finding it really quite hard but has been persevering and is full of conviction that she should make a success of it.  She's also enjoying quite a nice social life there.  During her break time she haunts the nearby Bible book store "Evangile pour Tous" and exhausts her store of pocket money on books for her friends and family.
  Raphael is still working with his dad and gaining valuable work experience and computer skills.  His main function is programming. In his spare time he does painting and has revealed a hidden talent!
  Besides the fulfillment our family life brings us our lives have been enriched by the friendship of two local families.  One has six children like we do and the other, three, providing counterparts for all our kids.
  The three moms are absolutely impassioned by sewing for their kids and spend time planning, buying cloth, sewing and putting their heads together designing children's clothes.  I'm teaching them English as well and we are about to embark on Lady's English singing mornings and will be singing whatever may suit our fancies!  What a fun way to learn and practice a language!
  As for Microtec Communications (Derrick's baby) after an uphill struggle towards the middle of the year, October, November and December have all been record-breaking months which shines a positive light on the future.  He hired a new English teacher in December, from Pittsburgh, and envisages hiring someone for the computer side too.
  There was a darker side to this year which we must mention and which overshadows the events of the past year.  Our mother and grandmother Brenda Neve, left us to be with the Lord on the 4th of November after a battle with cancer.
  Derrick went back to Canada and joined his brothers and sisters at her side where they spent a meaningful and emotive time together before her passing the day after he and Bryan left Edmonton for France and North Carolina.  It's a great loss for all of us.
  So I'll conclude that 1997 has been a full year for us all.  The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.
  We send our love to all of you and look forward to the time that we may see or hear from you again.
Much love, Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


  1. What a nice news-letter ! I'm pretty sure I've never read it, either.
    It sounds like a family I would like to get to know... We'd get along well with them !! :-)

  2. Hi Derrick. Wow the things you find when you clean out things eh? That was a good year but it did have it's down side. My Dad passed away just 2 weeks after Brenda. Miss them both.
    Hey I tried my birthday and that didn't work either.I remembered this morning that it was16 to the right back to 25 and right to oh well maybe just try all the numbers eh?? However maybe my remembering ain't so good .ha ha. Hey I do remember you have a birthday coming up. To bad I can't fine a large box to hide in eh? You still got a ways to go to catch up to me. Have a great day. sure do miss you guys.

  3. Hello Floyd! I knew this post would draw comments!

    I reckon I ought to clean out my desk more often -- I wonder if I could find your lost combination lock number!

    Don't worry about tomorrow -- I'm catching up with you as fast as I can and faster than I would like! :-) We're going out for the day tomorrow, to Angers. Tell you all about it when we get back!


  4. I agree with Becky - I have never seen this. I also have never had a year-end letter/email from Sara and now I wonder how many years I have missed out on! It's amazing how much information one can pack into a little summary. Having said that, I still have my 2010 one that never got sent out..maybe I'll post it on my blog soon.