Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scare-crow at the market

This is a little nonsense thing to write but it made the children so excited!

I am in the habit of taking the little ones to the market on Saturday morning in Château du Loir where we get what we need for our noon meal that we all take together.  Often they get some little treat from the butcher or baker as well!

Last Saturday, after picking up some meat at our butcher, I looked at my list and said, Now we have to go pick up some bread for the meal.  That's when Christine reminded me of a little rhyme I made up years ago when I'd take the kids out: "The butcher, the baker, the hot-chocolate maker" and asked if we were still going to keep that tradition too?

Well, we did, of course!  As we were headed over for the café the children (Olivier, Christine, and David) suddenly let out a squeal!  They had seen a tall man, apparently (almost as high as a lamppost, 'Tine said).

It turned out to be a young man on stilts, dressed up as a scare-crow and larking about the way artists do on a sunny day at the market.  When we found him he was tickling passers-by with a long feather affair where his hand should be

Along with him there soon came a photographer from the local newspaper who took our picture with him and told us the name of the paper.  So, much to the children's delight, here is the picture that came out today:

He took a couple of pictures and in this one, we can't even see Olivier.  Here's my shot.  And in colour! :-)


  1. Hey that would have scared me too. Plus he is a bit tall wouldn't you say?? You guys look great.
    Like your hats.

  2. I like the suspenders - is that new? Did the boys always wear them?

    That's funny because Floyd and I were talking about that rhyme the other day when he said he was my "butler and baker, but not going to be my candlestick-maker" and I reminded him that it was "butcher", not "butler". But he is my butler as well ;)

    Great photos of a special moment with their grand-pere!

  3. How nice ! I didn't actually realize there was a person in that scarecrow, when the little ones told me about it. :-)