Monday, June 06, 2011

The incredible Laulupido

Some time ago I ran across this video together with a little commentary giving the words of the song that is being sung at the world-famous Estonian song festival of Laulupido.  I enjoyed it and I think you will, too!

Estonians communing together in song and words every five years in this world-famous festival. Notice how everybody knows the words to this national song because they actually still share a unique culture of their own. Some want white people to feel that this kind of national and racial unity is a bad thing.  They would immediately say this crowd is "too white."

What closeness and naturalness together we used to feel!  When we were among ourselves and still had our nations under our own control!  Notice how they have a sing-and-response ideal.  The lyrics of their song are wholesome (holistic) and idealistic instead of today's sick, decadent garbage.  Here are the words they are singing:

Keeping the beauty of fatherland.
Fighting against the enemy:
Pay attention, pay attention,
Pay attention, pay attention!

If you believe in yourself,
In opinions of the wise,
In shoulders of the strong,
In mightiness of the elders,
In nimbleness of young men,
In sisters, brothers,
Above all in yourself,
Then you get better life.

Sing out in a clear and strong voice your pride in yourself and pride in your people and heritage!

God Bless the Estonians and the other Christian European Nations.

Long live the Estonians and the Christian European Nations!

May they resist the infiltration and culture-destruction of the globalists.

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