Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twelve years on

The original Thanksgiving meal, June 25, 1999
Camille dug this picture out for us from her photo album.  She has it labelled "First night in Marçon" and must have been taken by Raph, for it shows, from left to right Camille, Christopher, Mum, Jonathan, me, Elisabeth, and Rebecca.  Claire is the one almost completely hidden by Lilly.

It was late by the time we'd explored every nook and cranny of the new house and I'd got back with pizzas.  A happy time was had by all!

Well, here we are twelve years later, still having happy times but considerably grown in size and number!

This year Raph decided to hang the camera from an overhanging branch (instead of looking for the tripod).  I dreaded the result but everyone had a good laugh as Raph put on the 10-second timer and ran (as I remember my dad doing).

Well, here is the crazy results!


  1. These must be the most original Thanksgiving photos yet ! :-)

  2. ha ha...well, it made a memory! It was not long before the original thanksgiving that we were there! I remember when you took us over to view the property...