Saturday, August 06, 2011


Today's entry comes to you from Claire:

Today we decided to go on a day-trip to Saumur and visit the castle and the Cadre Noir.  We heard about it and read a little but we felt it was time to see for ourselves -- since it was only just over an hour away we had no excuse!

At the castle, only the fortress can be visited because they're restoring the inside and will only be finished in a few years.  We went around the ramparts.  We learned that Napoleon saved one of the rooms from destruction by turning it into a prison in 1808.

It turned out that the Cadre Noir are not open to visitors on Saturday afternoons so that put an end to that idea.  But the castle had a one-room display dedicated to horsemanship and training and included a film of them performing.  We'll have to make it another time.

We heard about a film presentation so went down into an underground dungeon which had also been used as a prison and as a storage place for food.  Later on we saw a medieval show of riding and jousting.  This was very interesting and the horses — this being Saumur, after all — were really beautiful!

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