Sunday, August 28, 2011


Claire is helping me clean my office again; a long-overdue event.   We've run across boxes of photos and cards and assorted papers; most of origin unknown.

So today, just for fun, I'd like to present to you all my two sisters (who, in order to preserve their innocence, shall remain nameless).

Let me start with an early Christmas card for you featuring a photo a set into the outer page. I won't insult you who know us well by asking to guess anything about the card but I just pass it on, as is, for your entertainment.

Inside, my dad has written, "Dear Ruth, Still a month to xmas but thought I'd make an early start.  Don't know what you will be doing, or where you will be, but do have a jolly time.  Much love from us all, Dave & Brenda"

In view of the known birth date of my sister (1965) I'm dating this card as November 1966.

Now, this photo needs no guessing as the saucy expression on her face leaves no doubt: this is indeed my other sister, taking a bath—but staying modest nonetheless.

Also (luckily) there is no need to try and date the photo since it's clearly written on the back "last year" so that must mean 2010, right?  Either that, or we could guess somewhere in the spring of 1953.  (Why don't people use real dates?) :-)

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