Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Neve party

At the end of a week on the road seeing the sites of northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, we dashed back from our holidays to Lisière, then Caen to catch the night boat over to attend the "Neve-Do" that seems to roll around every ten years now.

More details later, suffice to say a good time was had by all. :-)


  1. I don't understand. Who put this on? Do I know them? Christopher said on FaceBook that he was at a Neve family get-together and I must admit I was a trifle confused....

  2. Christopher was right. It was planned for B's birthday (coincidence) so we all went over for the day.

    It was organized by Rupert & Evelyn (50th wedding) and Tony & Peggy (40th wedding). Same place as last time, ten years ago. Time has been so lacking I haven't been keeping up on posting all the details.