Friday, August 26, 2011

War crimes and doublespeak

Along with many of my compatriots, I am deeply ashamed of France's warmongering actions toward Libya and all the justification gobbledegook that didn't fool one of us for one single minute.  Of course our government will be soundly rejected next year for such a stand.

We have all known from the very beginning the reasons for their jealous and covetous frenzy of stirring up hate and animosity and it is inconceivable that we have done what we have done to such a people.

They think us dupes, but we are not fooled.  We have never believed them.  We have never been fooled.

Our only hope (which does the poor Libyan people no good now) is that God will judge!  Let your justice be done in your way and in your time O Lord, and let it be seen to be done by all!

They will not prosper.

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