Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gaddafi's speech

Five days ago Col Gaddafi released a speech which was (of course) translated into English.  You can listen to someone reading it here.

If you've never read the Green Book, you should.  If you don't know much about Libya, it's time you learned what he did for his country if it's not already too late.

I knew something was up from the very beginning.  When I heard that the very first thing the "rebels" did (months ago!) was set up a central bank I knew who was behind the whole thing.

God help us all.  God bless the Libyan people!

Now some quotes from the article "West Wants to take Control of Libya's Oil Wealth" ... this is not a revolution.  These are NATO trained gunman, and they are al Qaeda related paramilitaries, mercenaries.
They have very little support within civil society in Libya. . .  The large majority of the population are against the rebellion, and the only thing that sustains the rebellion, are the NATO bombings.  And these are criminal bombings; let's say what they are.

They are in derogation of international law, actions that are criminal in terms of their consequences: the killings of children, the killing of people in their own homes, and this has been well documented.
And what is criminal in this process, is the fact that this war is presented to the media as a humanitarian operation.

Realities are turned upside down.  We are told, that war is peace.  The lie becomes the truth, essentially that is what has happened. . . neo-colonial, re-conquest of not only Libya, but the whole continent of Africa is contemplated.

This implies the militarization of the African Continent with AFRICOM [United States Africa Command].  This is an integral part of the agenda. . . The Libyan Oil Company was a very important state entity, which was there to serve the Libyan people. It was used to finance economic development.  It is slated to be taken over and privatized, handed it over to Total, which is the French Oil company and other Western oil companies.

The full story is at :

I'm a Christian.  I think all this is important.  Don't you?

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