Friday, September 23, 2011


Several years ago Jonathan developed an ingenious piece of software — initially to meet our own needs — that would keep databases synchronised in real-time.

Starting with our own local customers we've since sold it to nearly fifty customers in almost every county around the world.  Of course we have it all over Europe, but also in Australia and New Zealand.  In North America we have clients in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Washington, Saskatchewan and Mexico.  We've gotten orders from South Africa, Israël, and even Mongolia!

I was really surprised how far this program has spread with no other advertising than it's own web site and word-of-mouth.  It is deployed on dozens of sites — simply because it fills a niche market that is not served by anything quite like it.

Anyway, next month both Jonathan and Raphael are going to Verona, in Italy to attend a development conference (Delphi) where they've been asked to speak and give a presentation of this software, called CopyCat.

As participants in the conference we've taken out some advertising in the brochure to give the participants something to take home with them.

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