Saturday, September 03, 2011


This year (as every year) I brought all the children (eight this morning) to the 381st Fête du Chausson aux Pommes being held this weekend at Saint-Calais.

This year I won't bore you by repeating the details of the origin of the festival but I'll just give it a personal twist for everyone had a wonderful time!

Here, in case you missed it, is last year's report.  And here is the report of the first year time we went here in 2009.

Just as the church doors opened and everyone gathered on the steps for the traditional "family photo" the heavens opened and it started to rain in a steady stream drenching yours truly to the bone.

Saint-Calais sous la pluie

But this didn't dampen the festivities and the parade proceeded as planned, the crowds, instead of filling the side-walks, filled every porch or shop entrance trying the stay dry.

At the end of the parade at the town hall, I took Susie inside a nearby café for a hot chocolate to warm her up.

Warm and dry!
After she'd drunk a little I asked her if she was warm now.  She said, Only my throat, which is such a clever thing to say and so typical of her!

Becky had all "her" girls there (Claire, Christine, Eve, Céline, Sussane) at the washer-woman's stand while Claire and Christine did some spinning.

As the for boys (Olivier, Romain, and David),  they were happiest when spending their time doing battle and parading around as medieval knights!

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