Monday, September 12, 2011

Visit to Paris

Rebecca and Sebastian (Becky & Bas, to us) were in Paris this weekend for a couple of days of playing tourists.  I want to express a special thanks to the Christian friends in Nanterre who made the visit possible by showing them such kind hospitality!


  1. How nice for them! I remember being a tourist in Paris for one glorious was wonderful! So...are these two a "couple"? ;)

  2. They're working on it as fast as they can! For now, she's got her university course to finish and he's working for his dad. But they've taken the plunge of engagement. Now they're trying to figure out the details of "how", "when", and "where". :-)

  3. Well...there you go! Good job I asked ;) Congratulations to the happy couple and God's richest blessings on their future life together!