Monday, October 24, 2011

Trip to Germany

The Mannheim water tower
I think I told you already that Raphael and Jonathan are spending this week in Germany and Italy, being able to combine some work at Ludwigshafen for our big customer with participation at the European Delphi Conference ITDevCon being held in Verona, Italy this year.

It's nice to think about things other than worldly news sometimes so I want to share a couple of pictures that they sent the other night as they did a little sight-seeing prior to getting down to work.

The trip getting over there was quite varied: Up to Le Mans by car from where they took the train to Strasbourg where they picked up a rented car and drove to Mannheim in Germany.

(It was our customer's head office in Germany that had arranged all the travel connections for the trip so everything was first-class and just waiting for them!)

Let's see, what shall we eat?
After their time in Germany is done they'll be driving down to Verona in Italy to speak at the ITDevCon after which they drive up through Provence and leave the car in Marseille as they take the train home—a direct non-stop from Marseille to Le Mans.

Guten Appetit !
Both boys are fluent in German, of course, but they know that I am woefully ignorant of the language, never having had an opportunity to learn.  So having a first glance at the menu the other night they thought they'd send me the menu choices followed by this picture of their first meal there.

(In the end they never mentioned what their choice had been—but it sure looked good!)

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  1. As I said to them, hope they're having fun speaking German !!