Thursday, November 10, 2011

1000 Churches and 4000 Homeless?

Our friend Andrew Strom sent this short article out on his mailing list and I thought it might be good for you all to read.  There is no spirit of self-righteousness here; we are all part of the rich, Christian, western world.

I don't expect this will be as controversial as my last couple of posts so I'm expecting lots of comments. :-) He starts by saying ...

NOTE: The poor and needy are a priority with God.  The Bible makes this very clear, from the Old Testament to the New.  The widow and the orphan are at the forefront of His concern.  A timely comment on this topic is below.

1000 CHURCHES and 4000 HOMELESS??
-by 'Beres'.

I live in Nashville where more Bibles are printed than anywhere else in the world. We have more Christian publishing houses in Nashville than anywhere else on the face of the earth – more churches per square mile – and, outside the Vatican, a greater percentage of bodies in buildings on Sunday morning than anywhere else on earth. So we in Nashville have a better chance to get it right, wouldn’t you say?

We have 1000 churches and 4000 homeless people living and dying under bridges and in culverts. I know because I have prayed with them and lain with them as they died, and every week I feed
and pastor them. We can’t even get it right enough for every church to reach out to 4 homeless people. And yes, that includes children as young as they get.

Nashville is the headquarters for a swag of church denominations, and para church organizations like the Gideons, and from this buckle on the Bible belt of the richest nation on earth, missions
go out all round the globe. Those missions are funded with 0.01 percent of all monies collected in North American churches.

That’s right! For every $1000 collected by North American churches, ONE Dollar is sent to evangelize those who have never heard the name “Jesus” - but from the latest stats, are probably well aware of the name “Coca Cola”.

And frankly, whereas I once despaired of these manifest failures of the church, now I say, Bring it on! Let the world see forever the rich failures of putting religion before Jesus, ritual before relationship, rules before lives and liturgy before love.

When the world at large finally see that the emperor has no clothes, so also will the light of the real gospel of grace and peace shine the brighter. For where sin abounded, grace did much more abound!

Let it get darker, our Jesus will shine brighter.

What do you think?  I'd like to hear your comments below ...


  1. He's just stating what we all know - "bodies in buildings on Sunday morning" doesn't mean they have an ounce of Christianity in their soul. REAL Christians in North America (and the whole world) are the minority. Let the world confuse the two, but a true minister of the Bride of Christ shouldn't.

  2. But Wendy, that is his point; so many nominal Christians and so many needy people!

    Yes, we all know it but sometimes it helps to be reminded, doesn't it? Seeing the desperate need often motivates action.