Thursday, November 03, 2011

390 kg de pur boeuf

The butcher passed by with his refrigerated van this morning and brought our two buffaloes back to us; all processed and packaged.

We had two freezers cleaned out and ready for the result: three hundred and ninety kilos of steack haché, saucisses, gîte, rôti de boeuf, faux filet, and all the rest!  Enough to get us all through the winter, I reckon.


  1. Wow 390kilos. That's a lot of Buffalo. Enjoy it. Wish I could come over and taste some of those steaks. Oh well one day before I get too old. Oh wait I am old. Ya 7-1/2 Decade's or 3/4 of a Century. It even sounds old eh???Old well Old but not forgotten. I hope.
    ha ha .

  2. Nice to hear from you, Floyd! We grilled a couple of dozen sausages at noon today and they were GOOD!

    Old but not forgotten, that's for sure! (Might be time for a visit soon?)


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