Thursday, November 17, 2011

Copyright infringement

If you haven't lived in close proximity to Christopher you might not see that joke in the photo Raph sent from the Paris exhibition he and Pascal are attending this week.

The key to the joke is just that Christopher uses his initials as his trademark and signature and one sees it everywhere around the house.

With this picture Raph writes - Tell Kripper: It goes to show that CDN can mean different things to different people. :-)

Oh, by the way, the show they are at is Funé2011 -- the biannual mortuary exhibition and the biggest in the country!  Apparently everybody who is anybody in the undertaking trade is there. 

We decided to go at the insistence of one of our big customers who is helping us to sell our software, called Neptune.

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  1. Well we're back from the show now. It was sure an eye-opening experience (no pun intended !) and gave us a feel for this very close-knit and hermetic field of business.