Monday, January 09, 2012

Bithday wishes

Well, the first thing I want to do this morning is send greetings and sincerest birthday greetings to Ammi in Boston!  You and your family are in our hearts and thoughts in a special way today—God bless and keep you!

We've just finished a rather relaxing weekend which we quite needed.  At communion last night we got into some useful discussion and planning—as we can—for our future.  There seems to be so little we can really plan for but we must make an effort.

This morning I listened to a short talk by (of all people) Mahatma Gandhi.  The story goes that during his stay in England in 1931, when the Columbia Gramophone Company requested him to make a record for them, Gandhi pleaded his inability to speak politics, and added that, at the age of sixty-two, he could make his first and last record which should, if wanted, make his voice heard for all time.

Confessing his anxiety to speak on spiritual matters, on October 20, 1931 he read out his old article "On God".  I found the talk very inspiring and edifying so I'm passing it on to you today.  Here it is, courtesy of the GandhiServe Foundation -- Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service,


  1. We've sent Ammi a card and, as I told her last year, there is never a January 9th that goes by without me thinking of her. For years it was wondering where she was and now it is so nice to be back in touch with her!

  2. Love you all SO MUCH! xoxoxox
    (And that goes for you too, Aunty Wendy. See you again soon, I hope...)