Tuesday, January 03, 2012

They're off!

The long-awaited trip down to Toulouse for Becky's mid-term exams is here!  She decided to take her best friend and younger sister, Claire, with her for moral support and as an educational trip for Claire.

Thanks to a school friend of Raphael & Camille (Thomas) who is living there they'll have a place to stay for the next two weeks.

This was back-to-school for Christopher this morning but Claire's holiday has been extended by a couple of weeks, till the 18th.  Now, how shall I break it to her teacher? :-)


  1. Why does she need to go away for a couple of weeks for mid-terms? What is she studying? I hope they have a wonderful time.

  2. She's on her third and last year of a Licence de lettres classiques which is a course of studies heavy on French literature, Latin, and the Greek classique authors.

    She loves it and has looked forward to this trip for months. Exams are four hours each and just one a day, starting tomorrow. Thing is her lasr one is on the 16th which drags things out a bit.

    We're going down to pick them up for a five-day tourist trip of Toulouse, Albi, Carcassonne, Lourdes, and Foux. Stayed tuned!