Thursday, February 09, 2012

Going up and ... coming down

Raphaël, our intrepid skier and resident holiday maker, sends us this pictorial report today:

Going up on the tele-sieges
Sorry I didn't get a photo of the "coming down" bit!

Actually, I came down a bit of the way "normally" (standing on my skis), then the rest head-first on my back, after having fallen over!

They had this nifty sliding coffin-type of thing with two handles that a daring young man packed me into and sped me down-hill on. It was rather terrifying to say the least, especially as you couldn't see where you were going and your head was facing downwards.

But we made it down and right now I'm waiting for Camille to come pick me up at the doctor's.

The verdict : one sprained knee.

Anyway, the kids enjoyed their skiing lesson a lot and even went on a tele-siege with their instructor.

So I'll just be taking it easy the next couple days in terms of walking, skiing and other sport.


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